"When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty." - Thomas Jefferson
A site for citizen(s) / taxpayer(s) gripes, exposure, and comments on issues of corruption, incompetence, questionable ethics, and spoofing the "power structure clowns" in government and big business and their shenanigans.

At the GOVERNMENT - CORPORATE - CIRCUS, we believe in and support First Amendment CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS granted under the USA Constitution, specifically the FREEDOM OF SPEECH, the freedom to express and speak one's mind, regardless of whether they be right or wrong in their opinion, and regardless of whether anyone else agrees with them or not !!

If you feel like the image below, this is the site for you !!

You are free to register an account on our forum discussion "gripe / exposure" board, and post in the appropriate category. A category exists for National (Federal) posts, and also for each state. The state categories can contain pertinent posts for the STATE level, OR LOCAL (county, parish, municipality, etc.). Our forum board community also features a dynamic real-time user chat discussion option for registered users of the forum community board where discussions of a more transient nature than applies to the forum board may be utilized; a forum board community member MUST BE logged into their respective account to use the real time dynamic chat module.

The site also sponsors the "BOZO BRAIN AWARD". From time to time, we will be awarding this status to selected public officials and corporate individuals who deserve it.

Last but not least, this site will sponsor periodic shows on BlogTalkRadio's Government-Corporate-Circus Channel; these are essentially, and follow the format of, traditional radio call-in talk shows. Anyone with a telephone or computer using broadband internet connection can both monitor, listen to, AND participate in these shows as a call-in participant dynamically in real time as the show progresses (to participate in live on-air discussions, one must have and be logged into their BlogTalkRadio account, then press "1" to get on the swichboard and notify the host you wish to comment). If one desires to participate "on air", a normal telephone line (wireless phones and cell phones are NOT recommended due to excessive static noise common in these systems), or SKYPE using a computer with a broadband internet connection is also required. For SKYPE users, the phone call is free within their installed respective VOIP application. Those using regular traditional landline phone service can reduce toll call costs substantially by using services such as Penny Talk, wherein toll calls can be made at a USA domestic rate of ONE PENNY PER MINUTE after a small connection charge per call, usually less than fifty cents ($0.50) from a residential phone or less than one dollar ($1.00) from a public pay phone. The call-in number will be posted. One can monitor / listen to the currently active LIVE show from such a telephone connection using the call-in number even if they do not wish to comment publically "on air", OR by going to the GOVERNMENT CORPORATE CIRCUS Channel on BlogTalkRadio by clicking the provided link below the BlogTalkRadio widget. During live shows, a show related chat room may or may not be available on the BlogTalkRadio channel's show page. Recent show archives are also available for post-show listening using the widget below, or by going to the BlogTalkRadio GOVERNMENT CORPORATE CIRCUS Channel.

Please be respectful in expression of your opinions, treating others with respect. Conversing in normal telephone voice volume levels (no loud shouting, etc.) and abstaining from vulgar language is a REQUIREMENT, as is also staying on topic (if we are hosting an "open mic" show where ANY topic is allowed, it will be announced); failure to abide by these simple rules OR time limitations are the ONLY reason a participant will be censored, cut off, or blocked, never will they be restrained for controversial opinion content. The show host retains full rights of control of the show, and the termination of comments as may be required.
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The general show format is the opening theme, announcement of the respective episode's subject or topic, perhaps a monologue by the host or special guest regarding the episodes's subject, followed by listener call-in comments and questions, just like a regular radio talk show. The views expressed on this website and/or associated BlogTalkRadio channel are not necessarialy the views of this website, associated BlogTalkRadio channel, or management thereof; and, no legal liability is assumed therefore. Show content becomes the property of this web site / organization.

Monitor this site for announcements of upcoming scheduled shows; they will be posted on this site in the respective appropriate forum in the forum community, ( BLOG TALK RADIO FORUM SHOWS PENDING SUB FORUM ), which also automatically generates a tweet on Twitter Gov-Corp-Circus and a status update on Facebook Gov-Corp-Circus Page, so notification of pending shows will also be contained in the Twitter and Facebook feeds.

While no monetary contribution is required to use this site / service, this service costs money to produce. We get NO funding from the "gummit" or corporate big business. This site / organization is TOTALLY user supported and dependent thereon for content and funding. Your generous financial contributions to support this site / service, no matter how little, are graciously accepted and appreciated. Please donate only within your financial means. Thank you !!!

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